Question: How do I safely burn my Cello candle?

Answer: Cello Candles are best enjoyed when burned for the recommended time of 3 - 4 hours per use, allowing the wax to melt completely to all edges of the glass vessel. Keep the wick trimmed to 1cm. If the candle begins to smoke, or if the flame height is excessively high, extinguish the candle, allow the wax and wick to cool, then gently trim the wick. Remember to remove all wick trimmings before relighting. Keep the candle away from children, animals and anything that may catch fire or cause draughts such as breezes, celling fans, open windows or air conditioning. Never move or handle a candle that is burning or whilst the wax is hot. Pouring or removing wax from the glass vessel can cause the wick to extinguish or ‘drown’ in the wax. Keep the candle on a flat, heat resistant surface. Please ensure the you discontinue use once 1cm of wax remains – this is to ensure that the glass vessel doesn’t get too hot and potentially shatter. Always burn a candle within sight, and follow all burning instructions located on the bottom label.

Question: Why has my candle burnt straight down the middle causing the surrounding wax to go to waste?

Answer: As with all candles, you must allow the candle to burn until the melted wax has reached all sides of the glass. This will avoid ‘tunnelling’ and wasted wax around the sides of the jar. Once the candle has been tunnelled, the wax will burrow downwards on subsequent burns - leading the candle to self- extinguish due to oxygen starvation. Once this has been established it is very difficult to rectify. The recommended burn time is 3 - 4 hours.

Question: Why is my Cello Candle smoking excessively?

Answer: There are usually just a few reasons why a Cello Candle would smoke. If the candle is placed in an environment with a draft (such as near an open window, fireplace, near a fan) or if the wicks are excessively long. (If the candle has been burnt for longer than the recommended burn time, this can cause excess smoke to occur). The ideal wick height is 1cm. Moisture in the air can also cause the wicks to smoke (such as a bath/shower room) as can pollutants (such as deodorant and air freshener aerosols). Make sure you light the candle in a well-ventilated room and that the lid is always replaced after candle use and when it has had time to cool down.

Question: What is the shelf life of a Cello Candle?

Answer: There are various factors that can affect the shelf-life of a Cello Candle that include sunlight exposure, temperature variation, specific colour, fragrance environment and moisture. Cello Candles should be stored in a cool, dry area – away from sunlight and intense direct lights (such as spotlights). The lid should always be placed on the jar, firstly to keep in the wonderful fragrance and secondly so that no debris or dust can land on the wax. (This can create a fire hazard).

Question: Why does the wax seem to have pulled away from the glass vessel, and will this affect the candle?

Answer: Due to temperature variations, the wax can shrink causing the wax to separate from the glass. For example, if the candle is stored in a cold environment, the wax may noticeably contract. Once the candle has been moved to a warmer environment – the wax can expand and re-adhere to the glass. This is common in any brand of candle and isn’t unique to Cello Candles. This will not affect the burn or fragrance of the candle.

Question: Are Cello Candles safe to breathe every day?

Answer: Cello Candles are safe to use every day if burning instructions are correctly followed and they are used in a ventilated environment.

Question: What is the Cello Candle wax formulation?

Answer: Cello Candles are made from a high quality blended wax and infused with fine essential oils. The formulations may differ by candle, fragrance and colour combination. They are designed to offer our consumers the best in fragrance throw, beautifully vibrant colour and stability. Our wax comes from America, our lead-free cotton wicks from Germany and our fine essential oils come from an International European Fragrance House.

Question: Do Cello Candles contain any animal derivatives?

Answer: Cello candles may contain trace elements in the wax stabiliser.

Question: Do you test on animals?

Answer: We do not test on animals

Question: What is the best way to use reed diffusers:

Answer: Cello Reed Diffusers are a stylish way to provide continuous fragrance without the flame, and are perfect for smaller spaces like bathrooms, offices or small rooms. To get the best results, insert the reeds into the fragrance oil and allow them to absorb the oils for around 24 hours. To refresh the fragrance, carefully move the diffuser away from any finished surfaces, remove the reeds, turn them upside down and re-insert them into the vessel. Clean up any spillages immediately.

Question: What is the best way to use Cello Wax Melts and Medallions?

Answer: Our Wax Melts and Medallions are a fabulous way to quickly fill your home with the beautiful fragrance of Cello when you don’t have time to enjoy a candle. Simply remove the melt or medallion from the packaging and place in one of our electric melt warmers or traditional melt warmers. Please be aware that the Cello Wax Melts and Medallions can melt faster in a traditional melt warmer, so they will use up the fragrance slightly quicker than with the consistent heat from an electric melt warmer. Make sure that the warmers are not used for more than 3 hours at a time and are never left unattended. Water should never be added to the melts. Store Cello Wax Melts and Medallions in a cool, dry area, away from any heat source.

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